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As you know I am a fond amateur photographer and love to snap pictures on my families many adventures. I always take the camera along with me when we travel so I can grab some great captures as we enjoy life and explore our planet. Whether it's here in the United States or abroad, I love grabbing photos and one of my favorite subjects is "street art".

When we travel I always find intriguing and interesting and beautiful local "street art" and I have a very good collection of "street art". It seems everywhere local artists want to share their talent and often use their town or city as a canvas to show off their talents.

Enjoy my collection and see if you have a favorite piece that jumps out at you and speaks to you.

In this photo gallery you will see photos from New York City, Philadelphia, Florida, California, Montreal-Canada, Iceland and Ireland. Hope you enjoy and maybe on your next adventure you will spot some of these works of art.


As a bonus I have included a video of more street art that is not included in my photo gallery, hope you enjoy seeing bonus pics and you can see I truly love grabbing shots of local "street art" I have been blessed to have had so many wonderful travel adventures with the family....make time to hit the road with your family and enjoy this creative and beautiful planet.


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