I took a good hard look in the mirror the other day and decided to make a change.  Of hairstyle.  Basically, it's time to hide those forehead wrinkles that make me look angry.  You know, those vertical lines known as the "elevens" because they look like two ones between the eyes.

I went to the salon and told my stylist, "instead of Botox, I want bangs."  She chuckled and proceded to cut a nice fringe that should achieve the desired effect.  I'm all about self-acceptance and I know there's no point in fighting the aging process but is it wrong for me to want to cover it up a little?  Honestly, the new hairstyle makes me feel better so I'm going to enjoy it.  This quick and easy change is one of many good ones I found in this Redbook article http://www.redbookmag.com/beauty/anti-aging/advice/g1567/look-feel-younger/?slide=15.

What's something that you do to look or feel a bit younger?