Over the past few days I've been asking people what they like about getting older.  Thanks to those of you who shared your opinions as well as my other friends and family members.  Since many of you will have birthdays coming up soon, I thought you might enjoy this recap of the positive things about getting older.  (They are in no particular order.)

  • You get wiser and smarter.
  • You get more confidence
  • You're not a slave to fashion
  • Your priorities are clearer
  • You have more clarity
  • You appreciate the beauty around you
  • You get to say "so what" and mean it
  • You know what really matters and can let go of the rest
  • You get movie discounts
  • You get to know cool vintage stuff before it was termed "vintage" like vinyl records and Polaroid cameras
  • And finally...It beats the alternative!

Agreed!  Thanks again, everyone, for the good wishes.  I hope you'll approach your next birthday feeling like you're a fine wine that's getting better with age.  Enjoy!!!