This is my last day of being 49.  Tomorrow's "The Big 5-O!" and I'm actually excited about it.  Some may believe that getting older stinks but I believe with age comes wisdom and confidence.  I feel more comfortable in my own skin than in my 20s.  I really know who I am,  unlike in my younger days when I was searching to figure it out.  It's a good period in life right now so I'm going to embark on my next decade feeling "50 and Fabulous" rather than "Over The Hill."

Which is not to say I've avoided any of the physical issues that come with aging.  I've got more wrinkles than I'd like.  And I really struggle to read the small print these days!  But I'm choosing to celebrate my turning 50, rather than dread it.  So with that, I want to ask what you feel one of the best things about getting older is.  Please share in the Comments section below.