I love a good bargain.  If there's a discount available, I'm happy to take it.  One of the things I'm looking forward to about aging is that I'll have access to a bunch of Senior Discounts.  But I thought I was still a ways away from receiving such perks.

The other day while at the drug store, the cashier asked if I had a store card because "It's Senior Day, you'd save 20%!"  I felt too sick to get into it with him so I just told him, 'no thanks," and handed him my cash.

I'm 52 years old.  Does that make me a senior?  I can't blame the store employee.  He was just doing his job.  Maybe he gets a commission on each store card he signs people up for.

The incident got me thinking about Senior Discounts.  I'm hearing that some stores start offering them to people in their 50s.  Is this true?  Do you know which ones?

Which Ocean County businesses give you a price break when you turn a certain age?  If you work at or run a business that offers a Senior Discount, tell us details and location.  Do you have to ask for the discount or is it automatic?  Please share in the Comments section.

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