Everybody says, "Hello" to each other in this town.

They look out for each other in this town, according to Reader's Digest. There are small parks around the town with gazebos all over the place, the article reads.

DeRepente, Getty Images
DeRepente, Getty Images

It's not just about the two-legged but about the four-legged, also. It's about everybody in this town of about four thousand residents helping each other out.

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ajr_images, Getty Images

How do you know if this place is a nice place, maybe it's about the donations in the town.

This town people help each other out by donating huge amounts of food to the local food pantry and monetary donations. They take care of each other, no matter what. According to the article, people who live in this town are volunteers, serving on fire and rescue squads, and all about their fundraisers when people are down on their luck.

Where is the nicest town in New Jersey?

Bordentown, NJ

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I live in Bayville and I really do feel the neighbors around me would do that for us, too. I remember I was a single Mom moving into the neighborhood and remember all the families rallying around us. From all the moms and dads at the elementary school waiting to pick up our kids and the fun we all had when our kids were younger. I remember many moms in my neighborhood, just hanging out together while the kids played. It is a great neighborhood.

If you reach out to your neighbors and give a smile, you will get a lot in return. A wave, a "hi", means so much, and honestly, we are all so busy, we probably forget to do this.

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