According to buzzfeed, we make these mistakes a lot when grilling burgers!

These are the most common mistakes with burgers:

-We don't get enough meat for the amount of people.

-Buying too lean of hamburger meat, we love that taste of a good, juicy burger.

-All that patting down of the burger isn't good, it looses its tenderness.

-Using too big of buns and the burger being tiny.

-When using the spatula make sure you don't press too hard..the juices will go out of the burger.

-Don't add the cheese too early.  This is a common mistake of mine, but I love my cheese burned.  Usually cheese can be added in the last 2 minutes of your grilling.

-Closing the grill lid doesn't help them cook any faster.

Mistakes or Not..ENJOY those burgers!

What's the most common mistake you make when grilling that perfect burger?