It's hard to keep up with the rules sometimes.  Last month when the technician was at my house installing a new security alarm system I was about to hand him some cash when his supervisor intercepted and said techs are not allowed to accept tips.

A week later, with that rule fresh in my mind, I assumed that the cable guy was not allowed to take cash so I offered him a bottle of water and my sincere appreciation.  That's it.  Then he left and I started wondering if I SHOULD have given him some money.

The cable guy was only at my house about an hour but he looked a little disappointed when I walked him to the door without slipping any bills into his hand.  Or am I just imagining this because I feel a bit guilty?

I've heard that you're not supposed to tip tradespeople like plumbers and electricians when they come to your house.  But what about these tech experts who work on site?

Do you generally tip them?

The article doesn't quite answer the question of "should we tip the cable guy" but it addresses some other interesting tipping issues.

What's your usual practice regarding tipping people who come to your house?

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