Are We Supposed To Tip The Cable Guy?
It's hard to keep up with the rules sometimes.  Last month when the technician was at my house installing a new security alarm system I was about to hand him some cash when his supervisor intercepted and said techs are not allowed to accept tips...
Find Out What City Tips The Best
Tipping is a topic that I like to come back to every now and then because I think that it will always spark discussions. Recently, a poll came out of the US cities that are the best for tipping. What would you guess made the top of the list?
Holiday Tipping, What are the Rules?
I've written about tipping before, and around the holidays it's a topic that comes up a lot. Who do you give extra tips to during the holidays? Your mail carrier? Your hair dresser? Your dog groomer? Who else? I think the generally agreed upon rule is that the people you deal with a lot thro…
Service With a Smile
A couple of days ago I wrote about tipping in the service industry, which sparked a few conversations with friends and co-workers that got me thinking. How do you handle those really bad days when you get to work?

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