It’s interesting to me that the segments that garner the most feedback are those that are somewhat nostalgic.  For example the one I did Tuesday about the simpler times those of us in our 60’s and above grew up in.  The games we kids played, watching cartoons on Saturday morning, cracker jacks…you get the picture.

I am clearly older than most of you but I am not one of those who spends a lot of time living in the past (at least I don’t think so).  You won’t hear me wax poetic about how much better things were in my day growing up but rather I use the word “simpler” because it was easier to be a kid…I also think it was easier to be a parent in many ways.  You didn’t worry about social media, your kids spending too much time on their phones and most of all the different types of peer pressure they face.  As for bullying well it always existed but it was very different and for the most part harmless.

The drum I beat is the rush for kids to grow up.  A 12-year old girl in my day looked like a 12-year old girl.  Today many could pass for a 17-year old due to the clothes they wear and more.  Again much of that is likely due to peer pressure because if their friends look like that they feel compelled to join them.  Parents are often in a tough spot and I don’t envy them at all.  Generally speaking I think many parents want to be friends with their children more so then when I was growing up when they often were the “bad guys.” Punishment could be harsh and we were not happy but that’s simply the way it was.  You never questioned their authority…they had the final word.

I know we will never go back to those days but I feel a change is needed as innocence seems to be lost at such a young age.  I know I’m beating the drum again but that’s what we old timers do.

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