Did you hear about comedian Seth Meyer's newborn son?  Little Axel arrived without much warning and was in a hurry to meet his parents, apparently.  On Sunday, Meyer's wife Alexi wound up giving birth in the lobby of their New York apartment!

Neighbors helped out by providing warm towels.  The Fire Department assisted.  It was not how the couple expected their delivery to happen.  But mother and baby are doing well, as is the late-night host, who told the incredible story on last night's show.

So speaking of unusual birth stories, did you or anyone you know deliver in an unexpected location?  Did you have to pull over on the side of the Garden State Parkway?  Were you at the Ocean County Mall?  Were you in transit but then stuck somewhere because of a storm?

My folks were able to get to the hospital in time for my birth (but I'm told they almost wrote off Mom's discomfort as a case of indigestion!)

Anyway, let's hear your stories of successful non-traditional births.  And did you find that strangers jumped in to assist?

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