I know it sounds silly but I was very disappointed and saddened this weekend to hear that Singer Seal and Super Model Heidi Klum were separating. My sister asked me why I was upset about a famous couple's marital problems and I had to think about it for a while.

I think it's because of their celebrity status. We're automatically ushered into their personal lives, like it or not. We've heard about their four children and about their annual vow renewal ceremony and the couple was unhesitant in declaring their love and mutual respect for each other in the media. So I thought, if anyone can make marriage go the distance it would be Heidi and Seal. Wrong!

In fact today I heard Seal comment on the Ellen show that they just grew apart after eight years of marriage. Just grew apart! It sounds like they just let that happen without a fight. Well anyway, I'm in mourning for Seal and Heidi what can I say. I have no life. I've attached the related article from the PopCrush Section of our web page. Click Here.

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