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So last week I was surfing the net and came across a cool event and I was very curious. The Strand Theater in Lakewood has been hosting a "virtual" concert series during the Coronavirus Pandemic and it's really cool.

The Strand has various acts each week perform at the historic theatre in Lakewood and they broadcast the show on the Facebook  page  I checked out last week's "Kiss" cover band "Alive 75" and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The video looked great from the theatre and sound was good also. Since we can't go to concerts, having one on your pc, tyablet or phone in the comfort of home is the next best thing!

There is no cost for the shows, but you can make donations to the Strand if you'd like.

Tonight at 8 pm members of Manchester's "Commonwealth" will be performing live and acoustic. Christian Carson and Vinny Black will be this week's featured act. Streaming on the Strand Facebook page begins at 8 pm tonight!

Donations are GRATEFULLY welcome and will be split between The Strand and the artists. Please visit our website, www.strand.org  and click "donate". Every dollar counts.

Enjoy tonight's concert and I'm looking forward to more of these fantastic "local" shows.

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