It's a Toms River address 9 Flint Road. But, I think of it in the South Toms River section.

The building was once home to a motorcycle shop or bike shop and I believe it was once Amish Furniture if I'm not mistaken. The building is for sale.

The building is for sale for $795,000 and it's 13,000 sq. feet. It's an upstairs and downstairs with giant windows. Wow, I'm thinking this would be a fantastic spot for a Wegman's or Trader Joe's. The problem would be parking. It doesn't look like a lot of parking, unless there would be parking on the side and, or back of the building.

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Maybe, if a Trader Joe's or Wegman's would go there, that would cause too much traffic on Flint Road. It runs parallel to Rt. 9. The building sits relatively close to Planet Fitness.

This building looks giant from inside and outside. There's a lot of room for something really good for the area. It's across from the Toms River and Downtown Toms River is a quick walk. It to me would be a prime space for a business, retail store, etc.

So many of you wrote me what Toms River needs and this area might be perfect for one of these? This is S. Toms River Borough but a Toms River address.

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Sandy from South Toms River wants a Big Lots.

Tony from Toms River thinks a Top Golf could go in that location...(this could be perfect and a fun place for everyone)

Jill from Toms River would love a Michaels or Joanne's Fabrics closer to the downtown in Toms River.

All of these are great ideas. I'm sure traffic will be a problem in that spot. I believe Flint is only one lane of traffic both ways and Rt. 9 in that area is incredibly crowded at drive-time hours.

What do you want to see in this building?

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