Another empty building that needs to be filled with something we all can use and be interested in on Rt. 9 in S. Toms River.

It was the old watersport store along Rt. 9 in S. Toms River. There's a Sale sign out front and it's an available, fully approved site.

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It's the perfect location for a restaurant with good parking. We know that Rt. 9 is a crazy busy road and there is constant traffic on Rt. 9, especially at drive-time. This building would be a great spot for something fantastic in S. Toms River. This would be great.

When I ask you, you give me awesome ideas. Cracker Barrel is usually the first restaurant you ask for in Ocean County. I agree, we NEED a Cracker Barrel.

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Lots of you ask for something for kids to do. Like an IPLAY or something like a Top Golf here. I do see lots of kids riding their bikes on Rt. 9. I'm not sure it's the safest road, but I believe there might be sidewalks in front of this building.

Wegman's is extremely popular when I ask, what should fill an empty building. I don't think it's big enough for that. I wish more than anything we'd get a Wegman's closer to Toms River and a Cracker Barrel, but it's the space that's the biggest issue, I believe.

You know what I always say, I hate seeing empty buildings and stores in our community. I wish they'd stop building new and using some older buildings already standing. Or, come in and knock it down and build new. I'd love to see something great here in S. Toms River on Rt. 9.

It's the perfect spot. Right across the street is The Toms River and next to it, you can't beat it. What would you like to see in this spot on Rt. 9.

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