Dear Mother Nature,

Can I call you "Mom"? Is that ok?

We need to talk.

I love you, I really do. But we've got some stuff that we need to get out in the open. I'm a little irritated with you right now. And I know I'm not the only one.

You went easy on us this winter, and I appreciate that. You even had us thinking that you were going to gift us with an early spring not even three weeks ago (for better or for worse).

But oh no, you weren't done.

With less than 4 days from the time of this writing until spring, you've sprung some surprising winter weather on us these last few days.

Now look, I know it could be worse and I really don't want to jinx anything, but do you think you could cut us some slack at this point?

I can't overstate this enough, I really do appreciate the amazing things that you do, and I know that we haven't always been great to you, but would you kindly get this out of your system soon, please?

Thanks, Mom, I really do appreciate your attention to this matter at your earliest convenience.

Much love,


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