Once again we're sitting here enjoying an unseasonably warm day, with thermometers sneaking well into the 60s in some parts of Ocean County, and we're about to get a rude reminder that it is indeed still winter.

WOBM Meteorologist Dan Zarrow is saying that we'll most likely only see a coating to about 2" of snow, depending on where in Ocean County you are, but it's the timing that's going to be the real headache, with the bulk of the snow expected smack in the middle of Friday morning's commute.

So as we get ready for another hit of winter, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Get that vehicle checklist taken care of right now. Make sure your tires are properly inflated, fill the gas tank, and one thing that I've personally been procrastinating on - now is as good a time as ever to replace old windshield wipers!
  • Especially if we'll be seeing the snow when a lot of cars are on the road, keep those winter driving do's and dont's in mind. Be courteous and be safe. We've got plenty of warning on this one, so leaving for work a little early isn't a terrible idea.
  • Stay with WOBM.com for the latest Ocean County Stormwatch info! If there are closings, delays, or cancellations, we'll have them right here.

Just remember, spring is almost here!


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