I've talked many times about my love of looking at the stars and the night sky. Knowing that, you'll understand why something that happened this past weekend thrilled me.

I was driving home from spending the day with family on 195 on Saturday night. It was a crystal clear night and, being the first quarter in Moon phases, very dark.

Actually, let me back up a step.

It was only about an hour earlier that I was getting into the car while my brother-in-law was carrying my almost 2-year-old niece, that I pointed out how clear and bright the stars were.

The three of us spent a few moments enjoying the view and searching for recognizable constellations and planets, and got back in the car.

It was kind of a cool moment for me, seeing my niece look up with a sense of wonder in her eyes, much like I still have to this day.

So as I was heading home a little while later, what felt like a normal night time drive on 195 turned into a thrill when a bright, slow burning meteor streaked across the sky directly in my line of sight.

Of course, it wasn't my first time seeing a shooting star, staking out meteor showers is something that I've been doing since childhood. But seeing one outside of a usual meteor shower window is a rare treat.

So what are the unexpected things that still give you a thrill to this day? Comment below and let us know!


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