She beat the coronavirus at 109 years old.

Photo courtesy of Tallwood Care Center, Thank you for all you do.
Photo courtesy of Tallwood Care Center, Thank you for all you do.

I'm so thankful that an employee at Tallwoods Care Center reached out. We all need a little pick-me-up right now. This will make you smile. Her name is Hilda Brown. She is a resident at Tallwoods Care Center in Bayville. 110 roses were delivered to Tallwoods as Hilda Brown celebrated her 110th birthday.

Hilda turned 110 last week. WOW, she joined the supercentenarian club, according to the She joined everyone who is 110 years old or older. There are about 75 people in the United States that are in the supercentenarian club, according to the website gerontology wiki, and Hilda survived Covid-19 after she contracted it in November.

The week before her birthday, Hilda Brown surprised one of her nurses. She knew it was her birthday coming up and her nurses say she's still pretty sharp.

Hilda's entire family is "amazed" how long she's living. They can still visit her at Tallwoods, just through the window, like so many of us that visit family members in nursing homes. I'm sure her family is thankful they can still see her, even if it's through the window. At 110 years old, Hilda received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Oh my word, thanks to for this. Hilda Brown drove her car until she was 93. She walked around until 103 and she crocheted until 105. A little bit of history of Hilda Brown, she lived in Fort Lee where she was a waitress for four decades before retiring in Bayville in 1980.

And, I know she loves 92.7 WOBM. I remember meeting Hilda. Hilda Brown, you are one amazing woman, Happy Birthday from Shawn & Sue. We love you.

"Thank YOU" to our healthcare workers.

Sue Moll
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