Don't mess with the pope. Unless, of course, you're a little girl.

Estrella Westrick's family was taken to see Pope Francis in Rome on Wednesday and, well, she got a little handsy. Perhaps in an attempt to get the souvenir of a lifetime, the three-year-old girl grabbed his cap, also known as a zucchetto, right off his head while she got a kiss from the pontiff. Everyone had a good laugh and the girl was taken away while the pope put the hat back on and continued the business of greeting others.

Estella, who lives in Atlanta, is visiting her godfather, Mountain Butorac, who posted the footage on Twitter. Snatching the pope's personal property would probably be the highlight of most people's vacation, but Butorac isn't so sure that'll be the case here. "Who knows what she will get up to tomorrow," he said.

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