When I told people I was going to Iceland in the winter, they naturally asked, "why?"   I explained that I've always dreamed of seeing Aurora Borealis, "The Northern Lights," and that they appear more frequently at this time of year.

With 5 nights in Iceland, I'm happy to report that I did see some Northern Lights!   Eyes and cameras pointed towards the sky for about 15 minutes until clouds again covered up the view.  The experience wasn't quite as jaw-dropping as I had imagined.  Instead of a swirl of multiple colors dancing across a black sky, it really was just a stripe of green that moved around a bit.  It was cool.  Enough to enable me to check "Northern Lights" off my bucket list.  But honestly, I'd like to try again.  I'd love to experience the Lights as they appear on video and postcards.  I've heard they are really a sight to behold!

I'd like to explore more of Scandinavia as well as Canada where I know people can see Aurora Borealis.  I even met a woman who said she saw the Lights in Syracuse!

Have you ever seen the Northern Lights?  If so, where?