Let's get the obvious out of the way first - we've been doing The Vacation of a Lifetime for a while now. I'll let you in on some of the behind closed doors discussions - every time we bring it back, we wrack our brains to try to make it more exciting than ever. We've offered up trips to Orlando, Ireland, Cancun, and more. They're pretty tough acts to follow. But this time we've raised the bar. And here are the top ways we feel like we did just that:



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    You Decide Your California Adventure

    If you choose the California option, your trip is up to you. No schedules to keep, no tour buses to catch. You'll get a rental car to explore San Francisco and The Napa Valley at your leisure.

    Want to take your time and drive the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway? Go for it! Want to spend a day at a world class vineyard? Do it!

    It's all at your disposal and on your schedule if you choose the California trip!

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    Don't Feel Like Doing Anything? Punta Cana Is For You!

    Sometimes vacation is about relaxation. You don't want to drive. You don't want to have to be somewhere at a specific time. You don't want to have to worry about paying for this, buying that, or finding the best restaurants and beaches.

    That's why our all-inclusive trip to Punta Cana could be your Vacation of a Lifetime!

    Sit back, enjoy the tropics, and don't worry about a thing with this trip option!

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    Enjoy A Once In A Lifetime Celestial Experience

    If I had the chance to choose a trip, this would be the one for me!

    Here in Ocean County, most of us have only experienced the Northern Lights through pictures and videos. I don't know about you, but I'd give just about anything to sit on a secluded beach and see the night sky light up with the amazing light show of the Aurora Borealis. Some have even described it as a nearly spiritual experience.

    This would truly be a Vacation of a Lifetime if you choose to head to exotic Iceland in a quest to experience the Northern Lights!