As we roll through another round of WOBM's signature contest, Vacation of a Lifetime, one of our own staffers just took a vacation of a lifetime of his own to Iceland, one of the trips that you can choose when you win!

Our very own Ray Taylor headed to the North Atlantic island two weeks ago and spent a week enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of Iceland.

He told me that the food was, "different and unique". While he enjoyed the reindeer, he said that the puffin, served raw, is one that he wouldn't be going back for seconds on.

The highlight of the trip won't surprise you - the Northern Lights:

Photo by Kyle Stapleton

He told me that, as part of the organized tour, the tour company would stay out until midnight, but of course couldn't guarantee that the Aurora would show.

To their luck, at 11:50, the sky lit up with the amazing natural light show.

Ray told me that it was a, "once in a lifetime experience and one of the wonders of the world. If you get the opportunity, definitely try to check it out!"