There's more help being added to the blue line in New Jersey as 93 newly sworn law enforcement and corrections officers have graduated from the Monmouth County Police Academy.

17 recruits of the 96th Basic Course for Police Officers, 67 recruits from the 46th and 47th Basic Course for Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers and nine recruits from the 38th Basic Course for County Corrections Officers received their police training commission certifications during a ceremony Wednesday at Brookdale Community College.

“By successfully completing this training, these fine men and women have demonstrated their commitment to law enforcement and corrections,” Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden, whose agency runs the Monmouth County Police Academy and had six officers graduate from the basic recruit class and one officer graduate from the corrections class, said. “That is a great privilege, since there is no higher responsibility, than maintaining public safety. I’m proud of their accomplishments and commend all for a job well done.”

The Basic Course for Police Officers is a 20 week program with 780 hours of training.

The Basic Course for Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers is a four month program and consists of approximately 600 hours of training with full police powers while on duty.

Both classes are run through the Monmouth County Police Academy.


Recruits train in patrol concepts, defensive driving, professional development, weaponry and unarmed defense, criminal investigation, ethics, emergency medical care and physical training, along with a host of other courses.

Upon successful completion of the police training commission approved curriculum, the officers are well prepared to serve their respective law enforcement agencies.

“Through their strong commitment and hard work, we can be sure that these graduates will serve our residents and communities well as they begin successful careers in law enforcement,” Monmouth County Prosecutor Chris Gramiccioni said.

Training for the Basic Course for County Corrections Officers is 13 weeks.

The corrections officers engaged in physical training and drill and learned how to properly use firearms, batons, handcuffing techniques and mechanical restraints and they also trained in unarmed self defense and emergency medical response.

Classroom instruction included topics on law enforcement and ethics, stress management, contraband and evidence processing, characteristics of inmates and drug interdiction and identification.

“These selfless men and women have committed their professional lives to serving in public safety and I applaud them,” Monmouth County Freeholder Lillian Burry, liaison to the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office and member of the Police Academy Board of Directors said. “Their extensive training and personal character leave them well-prepared for a career in law enforcement and we are truly grateful for their efforts.”

Sheriff Golden, Chief John McCabe, Chief of Detectives, Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, Chief Edward Kerr, Spring Lake Police Department and Captain Robert Grover, Middlesex County Department of Corrections presented the recruits with their certificates. 

Here are the newly sworn in officers who completed the 96thBASIC COURSE FOR POLICE OFFICERS:

ALLEN, Michael R.                                      Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office

ATTARDO, Brandon M.                               Marlboro PD

CELIS, Jennifer M.                                       Alternate Route

COLLINS, Kyle M.                                        Alternate Route

DERASMO, Justin R.                                  Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office

ECKEL, Joseph B.                                      Hazlet PD

JOSHUA, Islam                                            Asbury Park PD

KENNY, Brendan J.                                     Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office

MASIELLO, Michael A.                                Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office

NECKLES, Athena S.                                  Keansburg PD

PALETTO, Christopher A.                          Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office

PEASE, Michael D.                                      Hazlet PD

POBLETE, Justin R.                                    Bradley Beach PD

RUANE, John F.                                           Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office

TRIVETT, James J.                                     Highlands PD

VANCUREN, Christopher J.                      Marlboro PD


RODRIGUEZ, Jose                                     Monmouth University PD


BURGOS, Brittany L.                                   Allenhurst PD

DEE, Francesca A.                                      Howell PD

MORSE, Michael K.                                     Long Branch PD

TYLER, Evan D.                                           Sea Girt PD

VOLPE, Nicholas A.                                                Howell PD

WILLIAMS, IV, George A.                            Fair Haven PD


ALVATOR, Robert E.                                   Sea Bright PD

BALL, Derek M.                                            Marlboro PD

BENNER, Joe M.                                         Long Branch PD

BRAHN, Tiffany A.                                        Spring Lake PD

BREESE, Casey L.                                      Sea Bright PD

BUCCIERO, Joseph                                   Long Branch PD

BUCHANAN, Kevin A.                                 Sea Bright PD

CAPRIOTTI, Sabrina                                   Belmar PD

COSTA, Brooke M.                                       Spring Lake PD

CUNHA, Davi O.                                           Long Branch PD

DAVIS, Tyrone                                              Brielle PD

DeFAZIO, Christian A.                                 Long Branch PD

DILLON, David T.                                         Middletown PD

ELY, Dylan C.                                               Marlboro PD

FLANAGAN, Kyle P.                         Middletown PD

FRATE, Anthony M.                                      Avon by the Sea PD

GAYNOR, Ian X.                                           Asbury Park PD

GOLEMBIESKI, Matthew T.                        Monmouth Beach PD

HALLOCK, Paul A.                                       Belmar PD

HAND, James B.                                         Asbury Park PD

HAYNES, Troy D.                                         Avon by the Sea PD

HENRY, Jr., Chris A.                                   Bradley Beach PD

JOHNSON, Deseree J.                              Belmar PD

JONES, Jr., Bryan K.                                   Neptune Township PD

KENNEDY, Cadell J.                                   Belmar PD

KIRSE, Thomas M.                                      Monmouth Beach PD

KOKINAKOS, George C.                            Bradley Beach PD

LACO, Jr., James J.                                                Long Branch PD

LOPEZ, Cesar D.                                         Long Branch PD

LOUHIER, Nicholas A.                               Manasquan PD

MARTIN, Tess K.                                         Asbury Park PD

MASSARO, Jack A.                                      Bradley Beach PD

McDERMOTT, Christopher W.                  Spring Lake PD

McNAMARA, Evan T.                                    Bradley Beach PD

McNICHOLAS, Sean P.                              Sea Girt PD

MINNISCH, Frank J.                                    Long Branch PD

MOLISSO, Anthony J.                                  Manasquan PD

MOWDER, Michael J.                                  Belmar PD

NEAL, Emily L.                                             Manasquan PD

O’HORO, Thomas J.                                   Belmar PD


PEDE, Michael J.                                         Long Branch PD

PEREZ, Jr., Raul                                          Manasquan PD

PERRONE, Nicholas J.                              Bradley Beach PD

POLLIO, Dominick C.                                 Manasquan PD

RAMOS, Tiana M.                                         Avon by the Sea PD

RODRIGUEZ, Bryan B.                               Long Branch PD

SCHNEIDER, Nicholas D.                         Belmar PD

SEIDEL, Kevin M.                                         Brielle PD

SLAD, Jeremy I.                                           Sea Girt PD

STEELE, Nicholas H.                                 Manasquan PD

STROHMENGER, Joseph R.                    Bradley Beach PD

SULEWSKI, Joseph B.                               Sea Girt PD

SZEWCZUK, James D.                              Sea Girt PD

TANTUM, Michael A.                                    Manasquan PD

TARTIS, Brooke S.                                       Belmar PD

TARTIS, William S.                                      Brielle PD

VAN NESS, Trevor W.                                 Long Branch PD

WALSH, Jr., Michael K.                               Sea Bright PD

WILTON, Tyler J.                                          Middletown PD

WOODS, Jaheem J.                                    Neptune Township PD

YANNAZZONE, James E.                          Asbury Park PD


ALMEIDA, Kevin S.                                       Union County Corrections

KOZAK, Katarzyna   M.                                Union County Corrections

MEDINA, Elexus E.                                      Monmouth County Corrections

MOSKWA, Ryan C.                                      Middlesex County Corrections

OCHOA, Gustavo Z.                                    Union County Corrections

PAREDES, Helder M.                                  Middlesex County Corrections

SANCHEZ, Luis                                           Union County Corrections

WOJCIK, Zachariah J.                                Middlesex County Corrections

XICARA, Jose                                               Union County Corrections

Here are the Award Recipients:

Academic Award

96thBCPO & 46thSLEO II Co-Mingled Class: Justin R. Poblete – Bradley Beach Police Department

47thSLEO II: William S. Tartis – Brielle Police Department

38thBCCCO: Helder Paredes – Middlesex County Corrections

Marksmanship Award

96thBCPO & 46thSLEO II Co-Mingled Class:

Justin R. Derasmo – Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office

47thSLEO II: William S. Tartis – Brielle Police Department

38thBCCCO: Helder Paredes – Middlesex County Corrections

Physical Training Award

96thBCPO & 46thSLEO II Co-Mingled Class: Brittany Johnson – Allenhurst Police Department

47thSLEO II: David T. Dillon – Middletown Police Department

38thBCCCO: Jose Xicara – Union County Corrections

Merit Award

96thBCPO & 46thSLEO II:  Brendan J. Kenny – Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office

47thSLEO II: Paul A. Hallock – Belmar PD

38thBCCCO: Jose Xicara – Union County Corrections 

Traffic Officers Association Award

96thBCPO & 46thSLEO II Co-Mingled Class:  Michael Morse – Long Branch Police Department

47thSLEO II: Matthew T. Golmbieski – Monmouth Beach Police Department

Christopher McDermott – Spring Lake Police Department

Outstanding Trainee Award

96thBCPO & 46thSLEO II Co-Mingled Class:

Justin R. Poblete – Bradley Beach Police Department

47thSLEO II:  William S. Tartis – Brielle Police Department

38thBCCCO: Jose Xicara – Union County Corrections

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