We're continuing to monitor the path of the most powerful Atlantic ocean hurricane in recorded history.
Irma, now a category 5 storm is devastating parts of the Caribbean with current winds around 185 mph.
The national weather service spotted the eye of the storm over Barbuda early this morning and heading towards Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba.
Forecasters predict it'll reach Florida by the weekend.

Another storm, Jose, has formed right behind Irma in the Atlantic.

It's a much weaker storm, but still threatens the Caribbean in the coming days.
It's expected to take a hard turn out to sea.

At the same event last year, a bomb inside a trash can erupted into a wild few days for New Jersey and New York, wrapping up with a shootout between police and the suspected bomber.

The military charity race is coming back to Seaside this month and security will be at full throttle.

Jersey roads are not the last lap of the Daytona 500, although that seems to be a daily occurrence at the shore.

“You can cross in the middle (of the road) between crosswalks,” said Roth. “Legally you can cross without jay-walking as long as you don’t interrupt traffic at all. If there’s a huge gap in both directions and you can safely walk across without interrupting anyone’s driving, that’s legally okay.”Anytime you’re crossing the road, make eye contact with the driver.

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