Irma's now a category five in the Atlantic, sustained 185-mile-an-hour winds, poised to threaten parts of Florida by the weekend.

Satellite view of Hurricane Irma on Tuesday morning
Satellite view of Hurricane Irma on Tuesday morning (NHC)

Hurricane warnings are up in Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands and The Leeward Islands.

You can track the storm with us at




One of every 406 residents of new jersey are enrolled in the deferred action for childhood arrivals program -- more than the population of Tinton Falls or Point Pleasant.

More people than are living in nearly four-fifths of the state's municipalities, the end of the program has immigrants brought here illegally as children worried about what comes next.

Sprinting across the road to beat traffic is something to always seek to avoid.

Toms River police safety officer Steve Schwartz says pedestrians have the right of way at a crosswalk as long as the signal is in their favor.

“If there’s a green traffic signal on Route 37 for example, those cars are going to have the right of way,” said Schwartz. “You can’t just dart across because there happens to be a crosswalk there, you have to wait for a red light and then for the crosswalk signal to activate.”

He suggests drivers should hover their foot over the brake in the event a pedestrian heads out without warning to avoid an accident.


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