A massive drug bust in New York has been linked to deliveries in New Jersey, according to prosecutors in the Empire State.

Police watched in a Walmart parking lot in Manahawkin as traffickers picked up a huge shipment of pure fentanyl.

They then saw a similar transaction in a home depot parking lot in Woodbridge.

They were able to track the shipments to New York and later announced the largest fentanyl and heroin bust in city history.

The 141 pounds of fentanyl was enough to produce 32-million lethal doses.

As Governor Christie continues his crusade to stop the opioid abuse crisis, a new round of Reach-NJ advertisements is being launched today.

A just-released report gives New Jersey a grade of "F" for having the worst finances of any state in the nation.

Sheila Weinberg of the group 'Truth in Accounting' says New Jersey's taxpayer burden is 67 thousand, 200 dollars, the highest of any state, because New Jersey has an astronomical amount of outstanding debt.

"The unfunded pension benefits are $100,019,000,000.00," said Weinberg. "The unfunded retiree healthcare benefits is $70,000,000,000.00."

She feels the only way for the state to improve its finances will be to raise taxes even higher, while cutting services.

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