A coastal flood warning and high surf advisory are in effect for the jersey shore today as we feel the effects of Hurricane Jose.

Meteorologist Dan Zarrow predicts scattered showers with rain totals under an inch but wind gusts up to 45-mph along the coast, 2-foot storm surge and minor to moderate flooding.

The waves?...about 8 to 15 feet hitting the beaches.

Toms River OEM coordinator Paul Daley says they'll have a team assembled ready to go out during the storm where need be, including at the front.

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Elsewhere in the Atlantic maria went from a tropical storm to a category 5 hurricane in a matter of a day between Sunday and Monday.

After passing into the Caribbean Islands and the Dominican, it may soon arrive in Puerto Rico.

Last night, Maria had maximum sustained winds of 160 mph.

Forecasters predict around 10-15 inches of rain for the islands.

The president's panel looking at ways to combat the opioid crisis is encouraging pharmaceutical companies to work together, so they can quickly come up with new pain medications that are not addictive.


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