A 16-year old Beachwood boy is in stable condition today after being hit by a car while riding his bike Wednesday in the borough near Beachwood Boulevard and Route 9.

The 59-year old driver of a Toyota 2006 did remain on the scene and is cooperating with investigators following the accident.

Details are finally available about the district-level impacts of the additional revisions being made to school funding, to secure Governor Christie's support for the changes.

Our Statehouse Bureau Chief Michael Symons says no district will lose more than 2-percent of the aid promised in March.

"More than two-thirds of districts losing aid do better because of their revisions and most of them do a lot better with the cuts shrunk by at least half in 72 of those 87 districts," said Symons.

The latest revisions help primarily in districts along the shore and in Sussex County.

They also reduce the increases the changes would have delivered other districts.

Changes made this week to school funding in the budget due to be approved today by lawmakers will mean revisions wont' be as significant as Democrats had hoped.

For most of the 126-districts losing aid this is good news, but it also means those who would win, they wouldn't win as much.

The Middletown School District would lose $1,179,200.00 in state aid from their budget which totals about $160,000,000.00.

Superintendent Bill George says unfortunately getting state aid taken away is nothing new to the district.

“There have been a series of recent cuts starting in 2009-10 where we lost more than $7,000,000.00 at that point,” said George.

He says since 2010, Middletown has seen only 57-percent of the aid reduction restored but if the new proposal passes, it’ll be a step backwards.

He explains that their ‘Plan-B’ for the upcoming school year is still being developed.

“The scenarios that we are considering do not fully shut down programs or put us in a situation where we would not re-hire staff for next year,” said George.

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