An 11-year old girl from Newark who was visiting some friends in Toms River has passed away from electrocution in an accident on Saturday night in the waterfront lagoon section also known as Shelter Cove.

The young girl and her two friends had been swimming and using an inflatable raft in the lagoon behind the home at the time but were wearing life-jackets and were under adult supervision.

Two of the girls touched a rail to a metal boat lift and electrical currents sent shocks into the swimming equipment causing electrocution, according to early police reports.

An investigation into how this happened continues.

Tourism continues to be an important part of local business growth and development at the shore where more visitors can help businesses but also get a first hand look at all the shore has to offer.

On Townsquare’s ‘Topic-A’ Sunday morning June 18 with Co-Hosts Jeremy Grunin and Bob Levy, Ocean County Freeholder Director Joe Vicari said there’s no shortfall of activity here.

Vicari says no matter what the weather forecast calls for on a given day, there’s always plenty to do in Ocean County inside and outside during the summer months.

“We have an aquarium, a planetarium, an outstanding library system you can go to and to our retail stores and spend money,” said Vicari.

Do you have  a lot of fears of swimming in the ocean with curiosity leaving you asking yourself if there's any sharks in the water?

“Most sharks are what we call ambush predators, they come from behind. So if you face the animal it will normally back away and if it doesn’t, you give it a good smack,” said Marie Levine, the executive director of Shark Research Institute in Princeton. “You smack it in the nose, that’s where it’s electrical receptors are and it’s going to move off pretty fast.”


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