An Ocean Township (Monmouth County) man is facing charges for allegedly threatening and assaulting an Uber driver Wednesday then stole money all while under the influence of drugs.

20-year old Marquis R. Freeman of Ocean Township was arrested just before midnight on Wednesday night where the fight allegedly occurred near West Park Avenue and Cotswold Circle.

Tobacco control efforts in New Jersey are heading in the wrong direction and are severely lacking according to a group of Anti-Smoking organizations.

The Garden State receives a poor citation of being considered "Among the Worst in the Nation" for how much money is not being devoted to helping people quit or prevent kids from ever lighting up a cigarette.

It's summertime and that means in just a matter of days school will be out for summer.

What's the best way for the kids to enjoy their summer vacation and benefit from the time not spent in school?

Psychologist Dr. Steven Tobias says a good plan to approach this summer is mixing it up between allowing them to go out and play, but then set aside time even as a family to read and do things to keep their minds fresh on academics.

He also suggests very little "technology time".

"When kids are bored and they have nothing to do, they tend to default to screens," said Tobias. "That's really the best thing I can say about screens, is that they're a waste of time."

Tobias adds that kids may complain or yell if they can't play their video games or if that time is limited, but he says kids don't know what's good for them which is why they have parents.

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