New details in the death of 11-year old Abbiegail smith today as the medical examiner has ruled it a homicide, saying that Abbie died from a stab wound to the neck.

Her neighbor, 18-year old Andreas Erazo is charged with first degree murder.

An Eatontown pediatric surgeon has been indicted for alleged criminal sexual contact with a 17-year old female patient during an exam on May 1.

72-year old Dr. Saad Saad faces five to ten years in state prison if convicted of endangering the welfare of a child and 18-months for criminal sexual contact.

Governor Christie says nothing's fun about the temporary changes forcing some New York-bound rail commuters to get off the train in Hoboken this summer but things went well the first week of the repairs at New York Penn Station.

Amtrak will take much of this summer to conduct extensive work on long-neglected tracks that can only be fixed if they’re unavailable for longer periods than a typical overnight repair.

“And let’s remember this: After the eight weeks, those tracks are going to be in much better shape, and so what they have at the end of it will be a better and more reliable and timely commute,” Christie said.

It's an interesting question…when do you have a greater chance of dying in extreme weather in jersey? Summer or winter? turns out both seasons are frought with potential danger.

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