A convicted sex offender from Hazlet is charged with allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year old girl over the course of several months and taking pictures in at least one occasion.

51-year old Michael Gwiazdowski is already under community supervision for life from a prior sexual assault conviction.

Police are looking to gather additional facts about his activities and any other possible victims.

Should New Jersey collect sales tax when you have your septic system pumped out?

Shore Assemblyman Ron Dancer thinks this is outrageous, so he's introduced a bill to end the practice.

"Hopefully the state of New Jersey can flush this unfair tax on residents with septic systems," said Dancer.

He adds taxes are literally out of control in New Jersey and he wouldn't be surprised if some legislator makes a proposal to tax the air we breathe.

The Lakewood pre-schooler who died when her bike entered a township street Thursday is identified as three-year-old Hadassah Krohn.

To this point no charges have been filed against the driver Chayim Goodman of Lakewood.

The investigation is ongoing.

More than 340 fatal crashes, over 360 fatalities.

Those are the updated numbers for New Jersey roads in 2017 with months still to go.

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