A man in Point Pleasant has finally been caught after a series of lewd incidents involving children.

24-year old Joseph Perello Jr. is charged in connection with exposing himself to little girls at least four times this year.

He was released pending a court appearance.

Attorneys for the Lakewood rabbi accused of embezzling more than a half-million dollars of public funds from a special-needs school reportedly want search-gathered evidence from his offices suppressed.

Rabbi Osher Eisenmann's lawyers say the wording of the warrants is excessively broad.

A lawsuit will be considered in federal court in Camden today, that argues jersey's new bail reform laws are depriving people of their constitutional rights.

After losing their first little league world series game to Connecticut, Holbrook faces them again tonight.

Their game last week was a close one though, with Connecticut winning 7 to 6 despite Holbrooks late rally.

Holbrook president Tony Del Vecchio says the kids are excited for tonight but the parents are exhausted.

"Parents seem a little worn but they're in for the duration and through Sunday whatever happens," said Del Vecchio.

The rematch is at 7:30 tonight.

The loser is eliminated from the tournament.

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