Investigators continue looking into the fatal Sunday morning police involved shooting at a home in Brick.

Officers were called to the scene for a domestic disturbance on meridian drive around 5:30 when they were met on scene by a man armed with a handgun.

He was shot a short time later.

The suspect was allegedly involved in a physical assault on two women who were later hospitalized.

Addressing the drug epidemic remains a top goal for republican 10th district senator Jim Holzapfel who seeks re-election in November.

One of his bills sitting in Trenton would increase the penalty for anyone dealing fentanyl from a second to a first degree offense.

“Hopefully, maybe in the lame duck session it’ll get to be moved because the police have to be given what they need and the courts also to take the people who are dealing the death off the streets,” said Holzapfel.

A first degree offense would put the offender behind bars for up to two decades.

President Donald Trump returns to the white house today after a weekend at his golf course in Bedminster.

Renovations to the west wing of the white house are complete.

The president will address the nation tonight on the war in Afghanistan and his plan for winning.

With millennials waiting longer to start families, enrollment in many jersey schools has been dropping.

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