In November you'll be asked to vote for a new governor and various senate and assembly seats depending on where you live. One vote to make is for the 10th district senate seat currently occupied by Republican Jim Holzapfel.

He'll be opposed in November by Democrat Emma Mammano of Brick Township, whose already been in our studios to explain her campaign.

There are still many things Holzapfel hopes to accomplish.

He says the bills he's proposed and had passed help the 10th district but says he is always looking to address issues affecting his constituents.

"This enables the authorities to take that dog or animal and these people would also face criminal prosecution for improper care of their particular domestic pet," said Holzapfel.

The bill co-sponsored with Senator Bob Singer had passed the Senate in March.

Addressing New Jersey's drug epidemic remains atop the list of goals for Holzapfel.

"Hopefully, maybe in the lame duck session it'll get to be moved because the police have to be given what they need and the courts also to take the people who are dealing the death off the streets," said Holzapfel.

Making it a first degree offense would put the offender behind bars for up to two decades.

Maintaining the health of Barnegat Bay and our environment is another one of the ongoing missions for Holzapfel.

He says fertilizer is one of the things causing poor health because it contains harmful chemicals like nitrogen which then spill into the bay from storm runoff.

"It's going to affect the quality of the water, the water then affects the quality of the sea life and in many instances it's contrary to what skiers, swimmers, etc. want to see when they get into the water," said Holzapfel.

Earlier this year he sponsored legislation to make any planting done by the NJ DOT be done with native plants by roadways.

Holzapfel's confident in winning the Republican majority County of Ocean and the 10th against Mammano, but he's concerned about Democrats controlling the Assembly, Senate and the Statehouse following November's elections.

He's particulary concerned about Phil Murphy's proposal to raise taxes.

"I know politicians will say whatever but if they're telling you when they're running that they're going to be open to tax increases, and so many other things that are going to be more's just going to drive more people out of the state," said Holzapfel.

He says a bi-partisanship approach is better for residents.

"If you have the right piece of legislation you'll find somebody on the other side who will co-sponsor it often times and will work with you to get it passed," said Holzapfel.

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