A Little Egg Harbor couple accused of taking more than 700-thousand dollars from superstorm victims for home repairs, then leaving them high and dry, face trial for theft, money laundering, tax fraud and a rash of other counts.

Indictments against Jeffrey Colymer and Tiffany Cimino and their home contracting firms follow charges filed last October.

It's a big piece of the fight against opioid abuse in the garden state.

With the New Jersey prescription monitoring program, doctors and pharmacists can make sure they're prescribing narcotics only to patients who really need them.

The PMP has seen a big spike in usage over the past few years.

How often are you on your phone throughout the course of the day?...In the first-part of our two-part series, we find out how phone addiction is real and distracting.

Chairman of psychiatry at Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Corporate Medical Director for Legacy Meridian Health Services with Hackensack-Meridian Health, Dr. Ramon Solhkhah says the addiction stems from a compound in the brain called dopamine.

He says getting a like on Facebook or a text confirming social plans, makes you want more.

“In order to keep that steady state, it becomes that sort-of treadmill of having to continually use that device in order to keep our normal levels of dopamine and keep that happy medium,” said Solhkhah.

Solhkhah says phone addiction has become more of an issue in recent years.

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