Seeing no end to red ink in the Lakewood school district without fundamental state funding changes, Barry Iann steps away from his post as board of ed president, according to published reports.

He resigned in early July but initially withdrew the decision.

The current New Jersey unemployment rate is 4.1 percent.

That's the lowest its been since 2001, nevertheless, many state residents of all ages are still struggling to find a full time job.

Our kids are headed back onto the football and soccer fields, and jersey doctors hope you're up to speed on concussion signs and symptoms.

Doctor Mark McLaughlin at Centra-State Medical Center in Freehold says the brain injury doesn't always manifest itself as a headache or loss of consciousness.

"Their not able to think properly or clearly, they might be irritable, or have trouble sleeping or a troubled appetite," said McLaughlin.

He describes a concussion as hurricane sandy in one of your brain cells.

And what's needed is rest- no strenuous activity - until all symptoms are gone.

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