Charges against an alleged bicycle thief in Lacey escalate as the questioning deepens.

Police say Rafael Lewis-Gonzalez of Barnegat misled them about his identity when they found him and the bike in forked river last Wednesday and he was carrying marijuana.

He's charged with theft, hindering, and drug possession.

Finding addiction treatment for kids and adolescents was the latest focus of the bi-partisan heroin task force round-table in Washington.

Congressman Tom MacArthur who co-chairs the task force says there's a number of bills being worked on to help people of all ages find treatment.

"There's a bill that I introduced that would allow family members to use their health savings accounts, which are taxed advantaged accounts, to help a broader set of family members than they're allowed to do today," said MacArthur.

He adds the bill would allow grandparents to help their grand-kids with treatment options or cousins helping each other out.

Are you happy with where you live?

A new poll finds most jersey residents are very pleased with their home town, but a lot of folks are not thrilled by the overall quality of life in the great garden state.

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