Since fall (also known as the autumn) arrives Saturday this is the official farewell to the summer of 2023.  While beach season is what I’ll miss most it is not the only thing I truly love about summer…here are a few others:

  • Daylight- Next to the beach itself this might be the worst part because as summer fades so does daylight.  On June 21 we had over 15 hours of daylight…today almost three hours less.  It gets worse.
  • Holiday Weekends- Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day all within 99 days makes for extended breaks in the work week.
  • Bikinis- Sure will miss these on the beach.  No other words needed.
  • Barbeques- I know you can grill 12 months a year but there’s something about cooking burgers and steaks with a cold beer in your hand while it’s still warm and light out.
  • Reading- My favorite place to read is at the beach and the backyard.  I’ll be lucky if I make it through two books the rest of the year.
  • Ice Cream- I don’t have if that often but I can tell you this…it tastes better in July than in January.
Soft vanilla in the summer is my favorite
  • Baseball- If ever a sport was made for summer its baseball…even this year.
  • School busses- Don’t have to worry about getting behind one in summer.
  • Being tan- I know sun can damage your skin and it’s not for everyone but I just feel so much better when I’m tan…especially my feet.

Yes fall is wonderful and I’ll come up with a list of my favorite things but it will take longer so “good bye summer, I hate to see you go.”

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