Almost two years ago to the day I ended a segment by saying, “it’s just a matter of time before I bring some of these subject up again for discussion…please bear with me.”  I guess they fall under the category of subjects I’ve addressed in the past which can also be listed as pet peeves.  For example:

  • Traffic and everything associated with it including tailgating, not using turn signals, blowing through yield signs and more.
  • People viewing the menu board at a fast food drive-thru like it’s a 5-star restaurant. Tell them how much sugar you want in your coffee or what you want on your burger and move on as there are 5 cars behind you.
  • Those who empty their ash tray or garbage outside their car instead of walking 10 steps to a garbage can.
  • Facebook! Do you accept friends that really aren’t friends and do you have to wish all of yours a Happy Birthday?
  • In general customer service sucks, especially when you need to speak with someone on the phone. If you are lucky enough to get through you will likely end up with a person you can’t understand and after some time will just give up which is what they really wanted all along.
  • Parents are terrible judges of talent when it comes to their own child’s athletic ability and that goes for those who also coach because when it’s their kid objectivity often goes out the window.
  • Social media is great. Social media is terrible.

I’ll probably bring these out again in two years…or maybe two months.

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