We just passed what is likely the most nostalgic part of any year: the holiday season. However, New Jersey winters weren’t the only thing being reminisced on over on the New Jersey subreddit.

User u/Distinct-Check5030 asked: “What ride from Six Flags do you miss the most?” and a wave of memories from going to Great Adventure every summer crashed over me.

Even if they were rides I never got to go on, they were part of the landscape every year. Here are the rides New Jersey misses most, according to that thread.

7 rides New Jerseyans miss from Six Flags Great Adventure

The Great American Scream Machine (1989-2010)

Just by watching the first 20 seconds of this video, chances are the neck and head injuries you suffered will come back to you faster than the coaster could ever go.

Our relationship with the ride was a tortured one. Were the drops and loops the biggest thrill in the world when you were young?


Was the inevitable headache and neck pain afterward worth it?

You decide.

Stuntman’s Freefall (1983-2006)

I’ll be honest, this one scared the Hell out of me. I never had the stones to do the 131 ft tall drop in what seemed like a dinky metal box, but the ride's popularity shows that I seem to be in the minority.

The ride died a slow death during its final few seasons with the park after key components were discontinued by the manufacturer.

Taz Twister (1975-2005)

This feels like the internet is pulling a prank on me, because I can’t find any photo or video evidence of this ride, but I know for a fact New Jersey 101.5 evening host Steve Trevelise worked on it back when it was called “The Rotor” and that’s good enough for me.

Taz Twister was one of those attractions as a kid that almost made you believe in magic (though spoilers: it was just science and mathematics).

You’d stand in a rotator that spun around so fast you could lift up your legs and stay put against the wall.

“I’m Peter Pan!” I thought as I inched around the wall, “I can fly!”

And then as soon as the ride was over, I’d vomit up my butterfly fries from lunch, but wall crawling was fun!

Medusa (1999-2009, then rebranded)

Yes, yes, the track is technically still there, and maybe this will sound very “get off my lawn,” but it’s not the same.

Medusa was a hidden gem in the back of the park, there was rarely a line so we would go on over and over.

Once it became Bizarro in 2009 and more effects were added, it became a little more crowded and started involving bursts of flames. I’ve never been on a high-speed ride and thought “why don’t we add fire to the mix?”


Viper (1995-2004)

Oh sweet Viper, were you too good for this world to leave us so soon?

I would say no, but it came up a few times on the NJ subreddit thread, so there was an audience for it.

According to coasterpedia, the ride’s construction was filled with delays. Then once it opened, there was a quick decline.

There were maintenance issues, the ride experience itself wasn’t smooth, plus spare parts had to constantly be changed and were hard to come by.

But here’s to you, Viper, you sound like you would have been a better fit in Action Park

Batman and Robin: The Chiller (1998-2007)

This blue and red coaster had two sides: Batman and Robin. For reasons that shouldn’t be surprising, the Batman side was always coveted.

As one Reddit user put it “Oh man…. [I] rode the Batman side one time only and it was that time. Kind of a big flex in NJ if you know about the coaster.”

Rolling Thunder (1979-2013)

I’d like to think Rolling Thunder holds a special place in all of our hearts, it certainly does in mine. It felt like the first “big” roller coaster I was ever on, even though it was pint-sized compared to the rest of the coasters by the end of its run.

Thunder was Great Adventure’s first wooden coaster. The true thrill about Rolling Thunder was by the time we got to the 2000s it felt like that thing would collapse at any time.

Watch the video above tell me that thing looks stable, but MAN, did we love it, especially if it was a day that both tracks were open.

Thank you for this walk down memory lane. Let me know if I missed any good ones!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5's Kylie Moore. Any opinions expressed are Kylie's own. You can follow Kylie on Instagram.

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