Shawn has been teasing me for the last 17 years now on how I talk, and sometimes I do sound different, and I definitely have different meaning for things, growing up in PA.

I feel I am a New Jerseyan, living here over 20 years, right? I've lived in Maryland and Indiana and never said things so differently than I do here. I grew up in Pennsylvania, my family is still there and it's funny. I married a New Jersey boy and he always giggles when he hears Mom and I talking, because of course, she says words and things exactly the way I do.

There are several things I need to teach my New Jersey friends about, ring bologna, funny cake, and cream dried beef is available in every deli and restaurant. Pork Roll is called Pork Roll in Pennsylvania, not Taylor Ham. Liver and Onions is always available and scrapple with apple butter was a supper-time extra, most of the time at my Nana's house for supper. And yes it was always called supper not dinner. A couple of a little different food options, when ordering a cheese steak in Pennsylvania you "always" get red sauce on it, like a pizza sauce, unless you ask for it on the side. In New Jersey, no sauce, unless I ask and sausage gravy was something I learned about when I moved here and it's really good.

I thought this would be fun. 👇👇

6 Things Sue Says Totally Different; Growing Up in Pennsylvania

Sue Moll
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