As we get ready for the winter weather that's plunged parts of the country into actual Siberian-style tundra, there have been plenty of tips about keeping ourselves and our homes safe, but don't forget about these things that definitely shouldn't be left out, even in your car, during the deep freeze.


Who hasn't left a bottle of water or a can of soda in the car? Most of the time we can just think of our cars as a free refrigerator courtesy of Mother Nature, but when the temperatures drop below freezing your pleasantly cold Coke could turn into a 12-ounce bomb.

Leave a bottle of water in the car and you'll just end up with a big ice cube. But pressurized drinks like soda and energy drinks could literally explode when thermometers plunge.

Phones and Tablets

Who hasn't accidentally left their cell phone in the car or an iPad in the backseat? While you can usually get away with just grabbing your device the next time you get into your car, manufacturers advice against leaving them in below-freezing temperatures for extended periods of time.

Canned Food

Who'd think, right? But along the same lines as drinks, a sealed can of say, beans for example, could freeze and expand causing the seal to break, which could result in your canned food spoiling.


Here's one that surprised me, but the USDA says that eggs in the shell that freeze and crack should be thrown out.

If we're being honest, though, if you leave eggs in your car in the middle of summer, you're not going to have a much better result.

So, pro tip - don't leave eggs in your car. Ever.

Musical Instruments

Here's another one that you wouldn't necessarily think of off the top of your head, but makes perfect sense.

If your kid takes guitar lessons or plays violin in the school orchestra for example, and their instrument usually stays put in your vehicle, freezing temperatures cause the wood to expand and contract resulting in an out-of-tune instrument in the best case and a music maker "beyond repair" in the worst case.

Bonus - Anything with a heartbeat

Your dog, your mom, your kids, or even your turtle. If it's alive, don't leave it in the car, period!


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