After a brief reprieve for a few days since the brutal cold of last Monday, we'll be back in the frozen zone later this week.

While we'll likely be hitting the single digits with below zero wind chills it could be worse. A lot worse.

It was nearly 35 years ago that my family moved from Wisconsin to New Jersey, and while parts of my heart still love America's Dairyland, this week's Midwest weather makes me glad that my parents hit the road to the East Coast.

When I first saw one of my cousins post a story to Facebook that Wisconsin wind chills were predicted to hit 50 degrees below zero, I thought surely it had to be fake news.

But no, the story is is real as it gets, with the steady wind expected to bring the -20 thermometer readings tumbling even further into true Antarctic territory.

What do you do when the thermometer hits -20 and the wind chill is -50?


Well, you do one thing, you try to stay warm somehow.

So, yes, it's going to be awfully cold here in New Jersey later this week, but just be glad that you're not reading this from Milwaukee, Chicago, or Minneapolis.

And if you are, stay warm!


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