We have the "best" mini-golf here at the Jersey Shore.

It's summertime and it's about making memories and a great memory is playing mini-golf with the family. You chose the "best" of the best here in Ocean County and there were 5 that topped the list of mini-golf.

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Fun day trip idea, take the whole family and do all 5 in one day. Nothing says a nice summer night and a fun competitive day of miniature golf with the whole family. We have some of the "best" I've ever played right here in Ocean County. I'll take the pink ball or maybe the orange ball. Sorry, but pink usually brings me good luck.

pownibe, thinkstock, getty stock
pownibe, thinkstock, getty stock

I know, I know I tend to cheat a little bit by kicking the ball in the hole. Every time I play Shawn Michaels, he says I cheat. Maybe, because I always win.  Abby now realizes I cheat, I'm a horrible Mom. I think I've created a cheater now in mini-golf. (Yikes, I know it's terrible).

Most miniature golf courses have 18 holes, some have more. Then, of course, most of these have an ice cream shop right next door, stop by for your favorite scoop. It's the perfect fall night with family and friends.

Abby and her friends play all the time. I'm so happy to hear them say, "We're going to play miniature golf." I think it's so cool. Teenagers love it. Here are the top 5 you can't miss out on this summer:

Top 5 Miniature Golf Courses in Ocean County, Chosen By You

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