What Defines A Great Restaurant?

What is it that grabs you when choosing places you would like to eat? I feel the base of a great restaurant is the food, obviously, but it goes beyond that. When you walk into a restaurant the ambience has to grab you. How does the restaurant look? Does it grab you for the moment you walk in or does it immediately turn you off? How is the service, does the staff make you feel comfortable and satisfied? Does the prices please you? Is the menu exciting? And finally, are the restrooms clean and parking easy? As you go through this list are you checking all or "most" of the qualities?


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According to Lovefood, they have put together the "best" restaurants in America. The "most memorable" dining spots in the nation, including right here in the Garden State. The restaurant they selected is located in Cape May County in the town of Rio Grande. "It's all about the weird and the wonderful at Rio Grande's Menz Restaurant. The first thing that greets you is a giant effigy of a bear – a sign of things to come. Inside there are more curios, from animal heads mounted on the walls to loud patterned carpets and colorful light fittings. There's regular live music from the front porch and patio, and the menu is filled with classic dishes, think seafood, burgers, and steak."



Have you visited Menz Restaurant? Did it leave an impression on you? Was it "memorable"? Give us your thoughts and leave your review below. Also tell us some highlights off the menu too!





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