Pumpkin spice, pumpkin patches, and apple picking all make the fall a favorite.

There is one thing I look forward to every fall. It's the delicious, mouthwatering Apple Cider Donuts. There are so many places that sell the Apple Cider Donuts.

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There are so many cool ways to celebrate the fall right here in New Jersey. Maybe it's looking at the fall leaves? Maybe heading to the boardwalk for a nice walk. The boardwalk is rather empty in the fall but still fun things to do from weekends with rides, great restaurants, and the arcades for the kids.

But, it's not about the boardwalks in the fall, it's about the pumpkins. I love going to pumpkin patches with hay rides, it's such a fun afternoon with the family and lots of photo ops with the family.

New Jersey has a lot to do in all the seasons, but the fall can be just as fun as the summer, without the heat. I'll still take the heat, but here are some great ideas for your fall days in NJ.

Halloween is so very close and that's when we love these Apple Cider Donuts. There is so much to do in New Jersey, especially in the fall. Grab yourself a sleave of these fall donuts, you will love them.

Here are 5 delicious spots for Apple Cider Donuts in New Jersey.

#1 - Johnson's Corner Farm - Medford, NJ


#2 - Delicious Orchards -  Colts Neck, NJ

#3 - Battleview Orchards - Freehold, NJ

battleview orchards facebook page
battleview orchards facebook page

#4 - Springdale Farms - Cherry Hill, NJ

bhofack2, thinkstock
bhofack2, thinkstock

#5 - Argos Farms - Forked River, NJ

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