Raise your hand if you are or know of a family member who has just graduated from college but does not have a job.


I’m not talking about a summer job but one in their career path. You know the thing they just spent close to $200,000 for over the past four years.

Sure there are reasons. Crowded job market, lack of experience, hiring freezes in certain professions and more.  However it just might be that the real problem is graduates are not prepared, lack the communication skills necessary, can’t write well, don’t think creatively and don’t even know how to handle an interview all while racking up student loan debt that will strangle them for decades.

The truth is the time to prepare for a career is not after you graduate but while you are already in college.

With that said let me introduce you to Mark Beal the author of “101 Lessons They Never Taught You in College.”  A managing partner at Taylor, a consumer public relations agency whose headquarters are in New York, Beal is also an adjunct professor in the School of Communications at Rutgers University.

A longtime resident of Toms River, his easy-to-read book offers tips on improving your job prospects from internships to how to dress for an interview as well as how to succeed once you start your career.  Having read the book much of the content is common sense but Mark and I both agree that unfortunately many millennials lack that when it comes to preparing themselves for what happens after you get the degree.

With 30 years in marketing combined with the last five teaching college students, Beal is uniquely qualified to offer 101 lessons that will not only help those getting ready to enter the job market but those who have been at it for a while.  The last six of the lessons falls under the heading of “The Next 30 Years” and reminds us “that you will never stop learning no matter what profession you pursue.”

Here’s a gift that keeps on giving.  “101 Lessons They Never Taught You in College” is available only on Amazon for $15.95 and I consider it a must-read for anyone in college as well as this year’s high school graduates.




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