Kevin's summer shoes
Kevin's summer shoes (Kevin Williams, Townsquare Media NJ)

If you follow this segment with any regularity you likely know that I love the beach so it would be atop my list of what I like most about summer at the Jersey Shore.

At the same time it would likely be #1 on a list of what I’ll miss most when summer comes to an end which for me it has.  However the beach is not the only thing that makes summer my favorite time of the year. Here are ten others:

  1. That of course fades as summer goes on but who doesn’t like the long days of sunlight when after dinner you can still do things outdoors.
  2. With a few exceptions I have not worn long pants in months and unless I wear sneakers I can’t remember the last time I wore socks.  Summer is meant for cool, casual and light apparel with bright colors and I dread the thought of sweaters and yes socks.
  3. Sure will miss them on the beach. Enough said.
  4. Sure you can grill all year long but there’s something about cooking on the grill and enjoying it with a cold beer or two outside while it’s still daylight.  By the way if you have not had corn on the cob that’s grilled instead of boiled you don’t know what you’re missing.
  5. Outdoor reading. My favorite place to read is at the beach or in the backyard on a comfortable evening.  I knocked off about six books this summer and probably won’t get through another one for months.
  6. Ice cream. I don’t have it often but it tastes better in July than January.
  7. If ever a sport was meant for summer it’s baseball and while I know it’s not over for some as a Mets fan it ended a while ago.
  8. Holiday weekends. Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day all within 101 days makes for extended breaks in the work week.
  9. Not getting behind a school bus when you are running late. No need to explain.
  10. Being tan. I know sun can damage your skin and it’s not for everyone but I just feel better when I’m tan, especially my feet.

Of course I can also make a list of what I like most about fall…it just takes a lot longer.


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